It’s flippin early

How many people get up for work and sit in their living rooms thinking about what they could do with their days instead? I know of one, me. I’m sure more people than I could possibly imagine are doing it too, probably all at the same time. Shouldn’t that cause some sort of shifted reality parallel/paradox? Sip Sip Sip…….Sip, got up early to get “enough coffee”, begin pondering the line at the Dunkin Donuts, “will I bet able to get my bagel?” Holy crap…..the cold realization that someone, had to go to work, at asscrack early this morning in order to make flatbread sandwiches for grumpy commuters that make more than they do. Awwwwwww snap, what an effed up craphole world this is. I need more coffee.


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