Lions and Planetoids

YAY!!! more rambling today. I’m sure it’s so very exciting. I’ve been thinking about animals (when am I not?) and how their natural environments are shrinking. But I’m not about to get all preachy, and subject anyone reading this, to any half baked or misinformed rant about things that I don’t really KNOW. I stress the *scientific*, in that knowing. I just have a general understanding that the real estate market for animals, looks as bleak as our own.

The natural world is divided into habitats. Animals are divided by their natural inclination and dependency on w/e they physically need to survive. Unlike biomes in the real world, the planetoids that I’m making are devoid of anything that could be used to survive. But the animals don’t really seem to mind or notice. They’re sleeping or relaxing…waiting. The planetoids are like little stasis realms. They float in a sky filled with radiant sun, in an alternate dimension. One day maybe they’ll rejoin and form a planet. Maybe.

It’s a little Noah-ish, but I liked that story. Anyway, when I’m at the zoo I kind of feel like there’s a parallel to this idea. All the animals are separated in their own little zones. Like little planetoids.


Here’s the video after I took the picture. Just for giggles. The male lion started making all kinds of noise. It was cool. You could actually feel the vibrations in your chest, it was that loud. Watch out!!!! Sonic Lion Roar Attack!!!



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2 responses to “Lions and Planetoids

  1. luneencroissant

    this reminds me of nagrand.

  2. haravenscroft0

    LOL yea there’s a definite Outland-esque quality to the hunks of floating earth.

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