Jeremeule: A Tale of Love and Hate

So, my longtime partner Jeremy, found our cat Lily, when we were living in Frostburg Maryland. He was at the car wash, when he heard a little meowing from across the street. A skinny flea ridden little kitty ran across to him. So Jeremy put her in the car and brought her home. We cleaned and fattened her up and named her Lillian Lemeule.

Now you would think that Lily would be the sweetest most grateful little cat in the whole wide world……..but she’s not. She loves us, but she’s a brat, she snuggles, but she’s squirmy and particular, and she’s a little bit of a feral food thief, DO NOT walk away from your meal.

Jeremy and Lily have an especially Bipolar relationship. He likes to torment her and push her boundaries, which I think has helped a lot in making her more tame. He holds her when she doesn’t want to be held and squeezes her which she used to hate, but now she loves/hates it.

So I have all these pictures of them together and I decided to draw one particularly funny one. img103In which Jeremy looks a little Ivan the Terriblesque, but w/e. And just to emphasize the above post, here’s the moment right after that picture. jeremeule1


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  1. So cute! I’ve always wanted a cat or dog to come to me like that, but they never do. Our cat Bella is bratty like that too.

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