Painting Process

I’ve been sketching up some ideas for paintings for the past couple of days. I took my sketchbook to work with me, hehe, don’t tell anyone. I set up the doctor’s lounge with food and then I sit behind the buffet and draw while they come in to eat. I drew a couple pictures of them getting their food.

But anyway, I’ve decided that I’m going to work on some more paintings. In order to keep up with blogging at the same time, I’m going to record my progress and write a little about my process. That way I can satisfy multiple outlets and not feel like I’m ditching anything.

Here’s the first step in the process.
img1051 I sketch out a rectangle, create a grid pattern inside (in this case I wanted some strong verticals coming down from the top) and then assign different patterns and textures to the grid. I’m using some patterns of textiles and surfaces from the family cabin in Pennsylvania. My Sister-in-Law’s dog Krum will be the subject. Next, to the canvas.



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2 responses to “Painting Process

  1. superfreakinawesome. so anywaze, i have a hard time doing a sketch for a painting. don’t know why, because the times i do they are always the best paintings. i just have a hard time sitting through the “execution” process after the primary “creation” process is done. s’why i work spontaneously, to keep myself interested. i envy your patience and i wish to emulate you.

  2. haravenscroft0

    I used to get too frustrated when I would work spontaneously. I’d get stuck on an area and keep going over and over and over and over until it was a lumpy mess. It would be really cool to just go at a canvas and do something though. I can see what you mean about the keeping interested, about 3/4 of the way done I get a little bored too. Is that bad? That might be bad.

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