Step 2: Put Your Junk in That Box…

Ooops! I mean….step 2 of my painting process.
Today I put the layout of the Krum painting, on the canvas.
First with light colored marker just to make sure I like it.
Then with paint. I make adjustments and stuff and just lay down a basic color, one that will make up the majority of each section. For patterns like the flowered carpet sections, I kind of roughly layout the pattern. Krum will get painted later, I like to define the background and pattern before I put in the subject. I don’t really know why, it’s not like they’re actually different, the subject becomes part of the background.


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One response to “Step 2: Put Your Junk in That Box…

  1. luneencroissant

    YES!!! i knew right who it was before i even read about it!!!!!! he looks amazing already! yay yay yay yay!!!!!!

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