Daring to Have Days Off!!!

How dare you?!? Or I rather.

It’s a sad but true fact, that work spoils my creative energy. I’m not saying that all work would do this. I think that certain kinds of work, let’s say….anything but food service, would be better. But I won’t pretend that I work oh so many hours, and I work doubles and all that jazz. The surprising thing is, I work maximum 3 days a week. Yet still it seems the amount of annoyance and energy spent, cancels out an equal amount of painting.

I really think a career would help my situation greatly. Like a career would be more work, or rather more responsible work. But, the work would be less oppressive. I don’t paint from oppression and turmoil. I know some people do, but that ain’t me babe. I paint from waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee and some Cheerios with banana. I paint in my jammies with messy hair and I can stand and paint for hours and not know it. It’s a very time consuming, but fun, process. I’m not sure that when you tell people that, they really understand.


Wednesday and Thursday this was me. By the pool, sketching and swimming, freakin’ hard life right. Jeebus, someone punch me, for ever complaining. sigh…….



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2 responses to “Daring to Have Days Off!!!

  1. Ashley Andersen

    I know what you mean. I find it difficult to produce artwork over break after a semester of project oriented work.

    I miss seeing your artwork around the building, it was some of the best and most inspiring. I am a possibly somewhat creepy fan girl of your work. Good to see you’re still producing despite the drudgery of life! I like your site, very professional.

  2. haravenscroft0

    Thank you so much Ashley!!! I miss being surrounded by creative people, yourself included. Having that energy around was very inspirational to me. This blog is just a way of keeping myself on task, I’m glad you like it.

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