Cellular Self-Portraits

In 2007 I made two self portrait relief prints. I wanted them to be about my natural historical self, in direct response to the never-ending debate over evolution. I am plant, animal, bacterial, viral, and single-celled at some point in my history and my history includes the beginning of the planet.


I decided to take up the theme and expand on the idea. I’ve redone the plant print as a painting and am going to do others like it to create a series.



The prints are 30×40 carved in single blocks. The paintings will combine the colorful patterned backgrounds that I’ve been using with the overlay of the black line drawing of cells. I’ll try color lines to draw the cells as well, just to see what that looks like. Then finally once I get some more printing materials I can combine watercolor painting with the lino block.


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One response to “Cellular Self-Portraits

  1. Iona

    I know I’m like six years late, but I adore this piece. I’m going to use you, as an artist in my a-level art. love it!!

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