Printmaking 102.111111

Here’s a glimpse at a work in progress from a process in progress.


Alas, that I discovered how awesome printmaking was on my way out of college. I’m trying though. I wanted to see what a print would look like on
top of a hand rendered pattern. I ran 12 prints (and when I say ran I mean kneeling on my bathroom floor rubbing with a spoon). They were hurried and there wasn’t a great deal of thought put into the marks that I made in the backgrounds.

I like the effect but I think I can push it further. The monochromatic ones were more successful so I was thinking of creating a few lino blocks that have abstract patterns in them, getting a few more colors of ink and doing a multi-step printing process. If I use layered monochromatic pattern it should have a more polished look and be more efficient.

I still want to see what a collage would look like behind a print, so I’ll try that too. As long as the color scheme remains monochromatic I think I can push the patterning pretty far without making a complete fail-tastic mess.



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2 responses to “Printmaking 102.111111

  1. thesapientpig

    Hello, I just found your blog by chance but it’s great. You have a really unique style – I love the combinations of animals, plants and cakes! Keep up the good work, all the best, Sharon.

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