Background Checks

I completed 3 new backgrounds for my self portrait series.


From left to right when completed they will be: Reproduction-Asexual, Virus, and Reproduction-Sexual.

These will be some of the works in the Cellular section of the self portraits. While I’m working on these I’ve been sketching some of the System section of the series. The System section will include definitions of self such as: Political, Religion, and Electric. When the series is complete, which may take a while, it will consist of many “definitions”. There will also be potential for “subsection” within the definitions. These definitions of self will then be filed under “topics” that fall beneath the central heading of “self portrait”. The organization of the material leads to many different possibilities, in production, display, and viewing.

It’s very exciting to have the conceptual material for so much production. I’ll keep posting my progress. Make sure to check the portfolio sections of the site for completed works. There will soon be 2 new headings to the homepage, so that I can separate the pet portraits from the self portraits.


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