The Sketchbook Project Volume 4

Check the info here. This is my second project for the newly relocated Art House Co-op. They moved from Atlanta to Brooklyn and are going to open their sketchbook library there. Exciting for me as my little moleskin will be housed in NYC now!!!

Inside flap, and first 2 pages:

My assigned topic is “Outside of Myself”. Which is incredibly open ended. I decided to create a story without really thinking about anything specific. From a perspective that’s outside of myself, like I’m just letting things happen. The first page started to look like a landscape cross section, so I decided to make the whole sketchbook into weird landscape-like environments. Which is another aspect of being outside oneself, as in, the environment surrounding someone/thing. I’m adding little cut out characters to each scene, I’m thinking they’ll be recurring throughout the book.

The pages of the sketchbook are not bleed resistant at all, the marker comes through almost identical on the back of the page. So instead of fighting it by adding more blank pages or collage, I’m just going to go with it, create fresh compositions on the backs of pages using the color from the front.


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