I have a new venture in blogging with Jeremy. We decided I would illustrate his blog and maybe add some content of my own from time to time. My first post is about my phylomania over Phylomon!!! I know some artists that could create some pretty sweet Phylomons. *Hint Hint*


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  1. Hi Heather, Thanks so much for the lovely images. I’m also emailing (via Flickr), to see if I can make an urgent query.

    Basically, the Canadian Discovery channel (on a show called the Daily Planet I believe) is interested in doing a short piece on the project. However, because out copyright is strict (i.e. use for the cards only really), they wanted to make sure that showing some of these images is o.k.

    In other words, if you’re o.k. with it, could you write back a short email saying you’ll grant CTV (or the Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel) permission to show the image you provided for the phylomon project (they’ll also provide a credit with your name next to the picture). Anyway, I just got the call, but it sounded like they were hoping to put a piece together for an episode tomorrow. TV requests are always about fast turnaround, so I’m hoping you’ll get this in the next hour or so and send on this permissions statement (to


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