Pink Snail Ride

It’s smooth ride on choppy blue waves, like Dr Dolittle.

I did the pencil and ink while I was working today. In between soy chai lattes and iced mocha frappuccinos, I hid behind the flavored syrup sign and drew. I felt like a teenager, goofing off at work, it’s crappy work though and it wasn’t like I was neglecting anyone. I waited on everyone and cleaned up after myself, it actually made my day go quicker and nicer. I’m sure the higher ups would frown upon it but I don’t particularly care, anything that keeps me distracted while I’m there is good for me. When I got home I hurried to color it, so fun.



Filed under Animals, Art, Drawing

2 responses to “Pink Snail Ride

  1. you did that whilst working?.
    good for you

  2. A true artist is always creating! 😉

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