New Series

I’ve started working on a series of 18 x 24 drawings. They’re kind of a combo of my planetoid drawings and the illustration I made for Jeremy for his article on forest fragmentation.

Here’s pre-color, just ink:

They make me happy. There are about a billion types of bridges, stairs, slides, pipes, and ladders, so the possibilities are endless.



Filed under Animals, Art, Drawing

2 responses to “New Series

  1. Jenny

    omg… I can’t remember what I was searching for originally, but I accidently stumbled onto your stuff and I’m blown away! You’re drawings are seriously brilliant! You’ve inspired me to pick my pencils back up and to draw what I want again! (instead of comic revision notes all the darn time)
    Keep drawing please! This site’ll be in my favourites so I can keep looking!

    • haravenscroft0

      Thank you so much! Your comment made my day! If you would like to share drawings with me I would love to look, and please keep in touch!

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