Always, when someone hears that I can draw, I get the question “Can you draw me a tattoo?” Usually I tell them to work with their tattoo artist, because they’ll appreciate the opportunity to do something original themselves. I’ve even seen some tattoo artists cut deals on price, just to be able to put completed original work in their books. But a friend at work asked me for a drawing and I really wanted to do it for her, so I did.

Taurus, a la Alphonse Mucha.



Filed under Art, Drawing, Illustration

2 responses to “Tattoo

  1. this is awesome.
    i can see why people are always asking you

    • haravenscroft0

      Thank you! It’s nice to be asked, but it always pushes back what I really want to work on. But at the same time I end up drawing something I wouldn’t have drawn and that’s always good.

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