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Coloring has always been something I’ve enjoyed. It’s calming and it helps focus my thoughts. The escape that others experience when reading, I experience from coloring. I have posted free downloadable coloring pages on here, but I thought why not create some to sell?

Little Grey Pages is the name of my new Etsy store, selling coloring pages. Etsy is a fun website to browse and an easy store to use for listing items like art and crafts. I’ve enjoyed buying Christmas gifts from the vendors on Etsy. I enjoy knowing that my money is going directly into someone’s pocket, in exchange for an item they made, just for me. It really is a nice shopping experience.



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Still going….

same thing every night on the news and yet, there’s not a whole lot to say.


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So long and thanks for all the fish…

we’re sad that it should come to this.

My entry for a an exhibition about American landscapes. I figure they’re looking for pretty little farm scenes and such but I’m thinking this is more appropriate for what’s happening now.

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New Banner

A fresh banner for The Voltage Gate just in time for summer, it’s creatures of the Sahara: Desert Hedgehog, Fennec Fox, Desert Horned Viper, and Long-Eared Jerboa. By the way if any animal looks like a Pokeman… it’s the jerboa.

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Current Work

YAY! Look at my newest drawings. They’re under the “Current Work” heading up above.

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Easter Treats for Red Panda

Dreaming of a birthday cupcake universe… wowee.

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Always, when someone hears that I can draw, I get the question “Can you draw me a tattoo?” Usually I tell them to work with their tattoo artist, because they’ll appreciate the opportunity to do something original themselves. I’ve even seen some tattoo artists cut deals on price, just to be able to put completed original work in their books. But a friend at work asked me for a drawing and I really wanted to do it for her, so I did.

Taurus, a la Alphonse Mucha.


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