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Still going….

same thing every night on the news and yet, there’s not a whole lot to say.



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So long and thanks for all the fish…

we’re sad that it should come to this.

My entry for a an exhibition about American landscapes. I figure they’re looking for pretty little farm scenes and such but I’m thinking this is more appropriate for what’s happening now.

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New Banner

A fresh banner for The Voltage Gate just in time for summer, it’s creatures of the Sahara: Desert Hedgehog, Fennec Fox, Desert Horned Viper, and Long-Eared Jerboa. By the way if any animal looks like a Pokeman… it’s the jerboa.

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Always, when someone hears that I can draw, I get the question “Can you draw me a tattoo?” Usually I tell them to work with their tattoo artist, because they’ll appreciate the opportunity to do something original themselves. I’ve even seen some tattoo artists cut deals on price, just to be able to put completed original work in their books. But a friend at work asked me for a drawing and I really wanted to do it for her, so I did.

Taurus, a la Alphonse Mucha.


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Voltage Gate and Volcanic Caribou

I have another endeavor at The Voltage Gate. Pretty frequently I’ve been asked by my finace Jeremy to illustrate articles for his blog. The above illustration is for an article on volcanic caribou. Check it out, he writes very well, and he gives me limitless artistic freedoms with the topics. I will also be writing there from time, to very infrequent time, I try to keep my submissions confined to art but that’s a pretty broad topic. It’s a great site, very informative and well worth subscribing to.

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Ankylosaurus Coloring Page

It’s my submission to Draw a Dinosaur Day.
Downloadable PDF: ankylosauruscoloringpage
I’m going to color it myself before I submit it to the Dinosaur Day page.

Have fun coloring!!!

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I have a new venture in blogging with Jeremy. We decided I would illustrate his blog and maybe add some content of my own from time to time. My first post is about my phylomania over Phylomon!!! I know some artists that could create some pretty sweet Phylomons. *Hint Hint*

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