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Coloring has always been something I’ve enjoyed. It’s calming and it helps focus my thoughts. The escape that others experience when reading, I experience from coloring. I have posted free downloadable coloring pages on here, but I thought why not create some to sell?

Little Grey Pages is the name of my new Etsy store, selling coloring pages. Etsy is a fun website to browse and an easy store to use for listing items like art and crafts. I’ve enjoyed buying Christmas gifts from the vendors on Etsy. I enjoy knowing that my money is going directly into someone’s pocket, in exchange for an item they made, just for me. It really is a nice shopping experience.



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Polymer Clay Animals

I’m getting married in October and we’re having a harvest/farm/Halloween theme. I’m making my own cake and I wanted little animals and jack-o-lanterns on one of the tiers. I could’ve used marzipan but I wanted to be able to keep them around after the day was over, and I wanted them to be more sturdy, so I made them out of polymer clay.

I used Sculpey III, some clay tools from my intro ceramics class, (it’s always good to keep stuff around) and some interchangeable screwdriver tips.

There’s a rabbit too… I missed him somehow in the pictures. They were really fun to make and they turned out really well. I just need to varnish them up with some gloss acrylic medium and they’ll be ready to go.

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Still going….

same thing every night on the news and yet, there’s not a whole lot to say.


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So long and thanks for all the fish…

we’re sad that it should come to this.

My entry for a an exhibition about American landscapes. I figure they’re looking for pretty little farm scenes and such but I’m thinking this is more appropriate for what’s happening now.

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New Banner

A fresh banner for The Voltage Gate just in time for summer, it’s creatures of the Sahara: Desert Hedgehog, Fennec Fox, Desert Horned Viper, and Long-Eared Jerboa. By the way if any animal looks like a Pokeman… it’s the jerboa.

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Current Work

YAY! Look at my newest drawings. They’re under the “Current Work” heading up above.

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Easter Treats for Red Panda

Dreaming of a birthday cupcake universe… wowee.

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